Pistachio having a significant role in human nutrition is rich in protein and other minerals.
10 - 12 pistachio sees a day can easily meet the daily fat need of the body.
100 g pistachio meet 35% of daily protein, vitamin B1, and phosphorus need of the body.
Thanks to its potassium-rich nature, pistachio ensures managing liquid and electrolyte balance of the body.
Pistachio is 2 and 4 times rich respectively, in protein and phosphorus compared to cattle meat.
Phosphorus found in pistachio is significant for bone and dental development.
As most of the lipid structure in pistachio consists of monounsaturated fatty acid, it poses much more risk in terms of increasing blood sugar level compared to wheat.
Pistachio is rich in Vitamin E, B, and C.
Due to its vitamin B6 content, pistachio regulates protein metabolism, and good for anemia, stress, depression and mental disorders.
Thanks to its vitamin B1 content, pistachio prevents fatigue, digestive system, and neural system diseases.
Likewise other nuts as the pistachio doesn't contain cholesterol, it reduces bad cholesterol levels, and the risk of chronic heart disease.
Besides, pistachio is an effective anti-inflammatory for lung inflammation. It relaxes the chest region, reduces the pains and assists in cough treatment.

Nutrition Facts
Calorie (Kcal): 594 
Protein (Kcal): 19.3 
Fat (Kcal): 53,7
CH (mg): 19 
Vitamin B1 (mg): 0,27