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While the number of nuts and dried fruits are endless benefits. We have talked a little bit about them below.

The most important nutrients we need to lead a healthy life is too valuable an institution we can find together. Half a cup of almonds times daily need of 45% manganezy meets 20% of its copper needs. Almonds also help to lose weight. Oils contained in it easier to lose weight and keep hunger. Snack on almonds can be consumed 10 to 15. Almond consumption reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Almond LDL (bad-tempered) has cholesterol-lowering effect. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and provides double protection for.

Omega-3 is the feeder for at least the fish's direction and the current conditions in the importance of winning another feature anti-stress olmasıdır.ceviz, blood prevents unhealthy rate of clotting, improves blood circulation, destroys blood clots, anti-allergic feature shows regulates liver function, promotes protein synthesis,It maintains immune function and prevents the formation of abnormal antibodies. Calories, protein, fiber, vitamins and green bark and leaves of walnut known mineral springs are used in the treatment of many diseases for centuries.

There are also benefits to the digestive system. It whets appetite. It facilitates digestion. Urine is a diuretic and removes constipation. In addition, it is also good for rheumatism, but rich in estrogen contained in one of the most important features. This is therefore an indispensable support for women during menopause.

It is a unique source of energy. Power and energizes the body, removes the physical and mental fatigue. It is very beneficial for the heart and vascular health. Lowers cholesterol, consume nuts daily as olur.düzenl help adjust the heart rhythm is very effective in reducing the risk of heart attack. Anemia and helps to eliminate the heirs. It supports the body and bone development. It increases sexual power. Beautify the skin. Iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, such as minerals, protein, nuts contain vitamin E and B, heart and rich in unsaturated fat, which is very beneficial for cardiovascular health.

It is also an indispensable product for your beauty skin with vitamins and mineral nutrients in the content group. The direction of very rich in antioxidants protect you from cancer, support your heart and your lungs. It contains beta-carotenes protects the lungs and heart. Day, dried apricot, is not subjected to sulfation process, the colors passed through the drying process in a natural way that allows for the study of intestinal değildir.lifl a yellow fruit, helps digestion, gives shine to the eyes. Plenty prevents nervous tension because it contains potassium and allows the brain to work more efficiently and prevent skin diseases.

Content with anemia due to iron in the war. It strengthens the liver, good for sore throat and cough. Water-soluble fiber is good for constipation problem rate is high. Sugar has a structure despite the high weight mind. Especially soluble fiber content to prevent digestive disorders like constipation and bloating because it is high and helps to resolve. It reduces signs of aging of the body. Pure palm nourish the skin, destroys pregnancy and sunspots. Included with iron, it is good for anemia. B1, it strengthens the liver due to the coexistence of vitamin B2. Sore throat, coughing good.

Energy, which is a food rich in vitamins and minerals. It also increases the body's resistance during the winter months, saving power and resistance to many health problems. In terms of the kinds of amino acids used in protein synthesis is varied, therefore, it supports the growth of cells. Dried figs, sugar, albumin substances, organic acids, pectin, provitamin A, B1, B2, vitamin C, magnesium, sulfur and phosphorus found. Disposal of toxic substances from the intestines of dried figs, there are benefits such as the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood. Intestinal inflammation, which should eat lots of figs. Also dried figs, sore throat, bronchitis and cough are also useful.

It has a protective effect against influenza because it contains a high proportion of zinc. It strengthens the immune system, support positive growth and development. It contains the minerals magnesium (276 mg / 100 g) is fed to the bone and nerve tissue, regulates heartbeat and muscle work.

Especially rich in potassium wool. Potassium mineral normal heartbeat, it is important to effect regulation of blood pressure and muscle relaxation. Dried apricots contain calcium and magnesium pass through the front of osteoporosis. It is important in terms of dental health. Included prevent anemia with iron, it helps blood formation, skin and hair are alive feature. Iron in the body helps to transport oxygen to all tissues allows the production of blood. Dried apricots, natural fiber that is a very rich fruit pulp. This feature protects the intestines, helps digestion problems, balance blood sugar.

Reduce DNA damage, reduce the risk of cancer, it prevents atherosclerosis. With grape seed antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system. Hypertension, heart riz and reduces the possibility of a stroke, is beneficial in the treatment process to people with diabetes and varicose. Because it strengthens the collagen tissue associated with a large number of vessels and arteries hardening of the arteries prevents the occurrence of the disease.

It is a source of protein and carbohydrates. A, B1, B2, B6, vitamin C phosphate, calcium, iron, phosphoric acid, organic acids, formic acid comprises minerals. Fatigue, anemia, diarrhea, weakness and treats. Liver weakness, coughing, is good for the bronchitis. The content of raisins, anti-inflammation, including arthritis pain relief and foremost, there are also factors. Stomach is very useful, as well as forgetfulness good income.

It prevents prostate. With rich zinc content strengthens the immune system. Intestinal has cleaning properties. It is good for kidney disease, such as inflammation of the bladder or urinary retention. Significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. Phytosterols agent in oil lowers cholesterol. It is very effective against nausea and seasickness. It is an excellent source of minerals and proteins. Some B vitamins K, which prevents the blood coagulation vitamin. Hormonal balance, brain function and skin health, which needs to include Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential oils.

It's a food store. 10-12 inside pistachio meets all of the body's daily oil needs, protein, vitamins B1 and phosphorus also can meet the 35% requirement. Pistachio, 2 floors in protein than beef cattle is four times higher in phosphorus. Vitamin E is rich in B and C complexes. 100 gr 4.0 gr Pistachio. tailings facility. In terms of the amount of pulp rice, potato and wheat (0.3 g) it is higher than. Pistachios; He sees an important role in maintaining heart health medicine. It is a good cleaner for lung inflammation. Breast softens, alleviates pain, helps to pass the cough. Pistachios; It reduces glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents the increase in blood sugar. Since the majority of the lipids in the structure include monounsatur fatty acids (35 g), raise blood sugar (glycemic index) in terms of wheat has less risk. With these features of diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is used in the treatment. It contains vitamin B1 helps in blood formation, lowers blood cholesterol, insight and optimize brain function such as learning. Addition of vitamin B1; energy has a positive impact on growth and appetite. Stomach, intestine, heart, it is necessary for the heart muscles.

High is a fibrous food. Daily fiber needs of a cup of corn has the capacity to meet about 23%. High fiber group also decreased approximately 7% of total cholesterol, triglyceride levels by 10.2% nominal and VLDL levels (cholesterol is the most dangerous form) fell by as 12.5%. Studies have low maize high cholesterol levels, and reduced risk of colon cancer. In addition to its effects on the digestive system and the heart, blood glucose levels in corn fiber helps to stabilize it. Slow combustible energy while providing a durable blood sugar does not have any detrimental for people with diabetes consume corn maintains its balance. Regular corn consumption and lowering of blood sugar and insulin and helps balance

A plurality of vitamins, which helps to maintain your body functions in an optimal way and contains minerals, is a good source of vitamin E. This vitamin with antioxidant and other vitamins that help protect cells against free radical damage that leads to vision loss by maintaining eye health also provides the function of providing protection against macular degeneration. Also included is selenium, vitamin E, which acts together with a very important mineral.

Increase the milk of nursing mothers. Waist relieve pain, treat as soon as the toothache. It helps in the treatment of urinary tract diseases. Urine is a diuretic, located in the bladder and kidney stones ensures reduced. It accelerates the healing of soft tissue damage. Treat reflux. Search in yellow chickpeas edible meal to suppress hunger; This feature helps with one of the largest of dieters. If lazing on the good gelir.bag eliminating congestion and hardening of the arteries bowels.

In the diet of those who are closest friend. Rich fiber structure gives a feeling of fullness with. Therefore it is an indispensable support for those diet meals. With the fibrous structure improves the milk. Again fibrous structure through urine increases white chickpeas, kidney and plays an active role in the reduction of stone in the bladder, ensuring the orderly functioning of the intestines, the optimal level keeps all the functions of the stomach by balancing the intestinal laziness giderir.asit level supports reflux treatment. It facilitates the treatment of soft tissue damage. It enhances the sound. It addresses the arteries and blockage. It addresses the waist and gum pain.

It gives the body energy and strength. More often consumed by children in the age of development peanuts are a good source of protein. Therefore, by making the sports preferred. To ensure the strengthening of bones and muscles also found between the benefits of peanuts. It increases sexual power. Mental and physical fatigue expense. It facilitates learning. It is good for heart health. Cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol in the blood reduces the risk. Especially breast, is protective against cancer, including prostate and colon cancer. It supports the immune system. Which it is beneficial to the patient to adjust the sugar glucose in the blood. Peanut oil is good for constipation. Gastritis and is supportive in the treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders.