Strengthens nervous system.
It is effective in treatment of chest diseases.
It has a relaxing effect on body and mind.
Increases the breast milk for pregnant and aids development of babies.
Treats kidney, urinary tract and genital inflammation.
Almond is an essential medicine at home thanks to its laxative and expectorant characteristics.
Almond reduces bad blood cholesterol. Reduces heart attack rate by 50%.
42 gr almond/nut a day decreases the heart attack risk.
Balances blood sugar levels and reduces carcinogen cell development risk.
Effective against impotence.
It has a relaxing effect on body and mind.
Eliminates bladder and reproductive tract inflammations.
Soothes headache, liver and kidney pains.

Nutrition Facts: 0
Calorie (Kcal): 615 
Protein (Kcal) : 17,3 
Fat (Kcal) : 58,4