Unshelled Hazelnut

You can easily meet the protein need of your body from hazelnut. Hazelnut delivers protein to the body without leaving any residues, and therefore helps body to work in balance and keep its strength. As it is the source of energy and a good nutrient, hazelnut is a significant nutrient for developing children. It gives energy. In addition to its substantial nature, it is also considered as an aphrodisiac. Hazelnut helps passing kidney gravels and stones. It is favorable for strength and attention-demanding conditions. Because it gives body strength and eliminates mental fatigue. It is also an advisable nutritional source for those who are in convalescence, and for those who are at risk of body and brain damage. Hazelnut reduces bad blood cholesterol and heart attack risk. Thanks to its calcium rich content, hazelnut strengthens bones and teeth. Hazelnut contains %1 to 3 dietary fiber which prevents increase of toxic chemicals in intestines, bowel diseases, constipation, and heart diseases; as well as reduces serum lipid and blood sugar levels. As it contains low sodium contrary to its rich magnesium and potassium content, hazelnut has a significant role in regulating blood pressure. It involves required amount of iron elements which is essential to prevent digestion and ingestion system abnormalities. Because milk and dairy products are out of enough iron elements, when consumed together, hazelnut compensates this deficit. People with hypertension should pay attention when consuming hazelnut.

Calorie (Kcal): 139 
Protein (Kcal) : 12.6 
Fat (Kcal) : 62,7 
CH (mg) : 66.7 
Ca (mg) : 87 
Vit E (mg) : 0,87