Boron minerals present in Sultaniye Dried Grapes facilitates brain functions thus enhancing concentration.
Sultaniye Dried Grapes are magnesium rich that strengthen bone and neural tissues as well as facilitates muscle functions, and regulates heart beats.
Sultaniye Dried Grapes contain iron minerals that is essential for blood production (hematogenesis) and which is vital for pregnant women, in particular.
Sultaniye Dried Grapes contain potassium which is an essential mineral for neural system and regulating heart beat.
Sultaniye Dried Grapes contain insitolune that helps increasing good blood cholesterol, and is essential for hair growing.
Sultaniye dried grapes contain vitamin B1 that is essential for metabolizing blood sugar, as well as ensuring proper brain functions and protecting cardiovascular health.  

Calorie (Kcal): 393 
Protein (Kcal) : 26 
Fat (Kcal) : 6 
CH (mg) :67 
Ca (mg) : 162